Liisa Rahkamaa: The Student Animal TOR

Liz and Loz interview their first TOR in training, the fabulous surfer and animal TORLiisa Rahkamaa from Barcelona Chiropractic College. Liisa explains her vision and mission, checking horses to ensure that they are clear and connected. Liisa has a beautiful story to share, and her message is powerful and inspiring. For more information on Liisa and Animal adjusting, please follow the links below;

Jay Komarek Animal

A message from Liisa;

So….if you are interested in joining our mailing list, please send an email to or look us up on Facebook, we have now opened up a profile with BACC Barcelona Animal Chiropractic Club. Also, Jay Komarek is coming again to teach us in Barcelona in November and there are still some seats left. Jay has been in practise now for 38 years (both humans and animals!) and he is truly inspirational, I think it is learning directly from the best! If you are interested in joining the seminar, please email to Attached the flyer of the seminar for more info and a link to the facebook event

Thank you for listening and maybe see you in November, Liisa


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