Peter Morgan; Woodstock Hugging Hippy to MissionTrip Master

New Years Eve, 2016, Loz spent in a Dominican Republic village as apart of one of Peter Morgan’s and Gary Deutchman’s Chiro Fest/Mission trip in both Haiti and the DR! 6 weeks later, back in the comfort of the Western World and Amsterdam HQ, Liz and Loz had the honour of interviewing one of the men behind these world breaking Mission Trips…Dr Peter Morgan! Join us as we hear the “Why” behind running 72 Mission trips, while running a very successful TIC practice in NYC, not to mention speaking at New Beginnings over the previous 15 years!!!! We had ALOT of fun recording this interview, thank you Peter:)

PS. Stay away from the “Double Barrelled Orange Sunshine” pills

Schedule of Upcoming Mission Trips!

Mission Life International Mission Trip FB Information

Info about past work/orphanage

Lay people about orphanage


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