Peter Amlinger; What is Innate Intelligence?

Liz and Loz, by the pool at Chiro Europe Malaga 2016,  have the honour of interviewing Dr Peter Amlinger from Canada. Peter’s knowledge of the history of chiropractic is impeccable; Liz and Loz learn about the origin of the “Green Books;” the “Why” behind DD Palmer passing chiropractic on to BJ Palmer; How the circus almost destroyed chiropractic; The dynamics behind atlas and axis adjusting…And the ever controversial question; “If Innate Intelligence is perfect and intelligent, why would it create vertebral subluxations?” Join us as we delve deep into the art, science and philosophy of ChiropracTIC with Dr Peter Amlinger.


To get in contact with Dr Peter Amlinger…:)

To learn more about Pure and Powerful

To learn more about Chiro Europe Seminars

Books to read based on Peter’s recommendations; 

Stephenson – The Chiropractic Textbook

The Radio Salesmanship – BJ Palmer

Volume 18, The Green Books – Subluxations Specific, Adjust Specific – BJ Palmer

The Dead are still Alive – Harold Sherman



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