Steve Williams; Paediatric TIC, Saving Lives

Liz and Loz had the honour of attending one of Dr Steve Williams paediatric seminars recently in Amsterdam. Arguably one of the world’s greatest paediatric chiropractors and teacher, Steve shares with us his story on why and how he became such a proficient paediatric chiropractor. Join us as we discuss hot issues such as “Paediatrics and chiropractic,” “The effect of the Placebo,” “Is there any research with paediatrics and chiropractic?,” “Do chiropractors change or even save lives?”…Yes we are diving down the rabbit hole with one of our favourite paediatric mentors.

Follow this link to Dr Steve’s practice and SEMINAR website

To learn more about Dr Steve’s Seminar series, follow this link (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!)

Dr Steve’s webpage

Follow this link to find out more information on the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association

Follow to find out more information on SOT



Steve Williams 2
Dr Steve working his magic
Steve WIlliams 3
Photo credit Rob Fry (all photos)
DVD's 2
Teaching DVD’s




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