Joe Dispenza; Everyone gets well today!

Liz and Loz have had the honour of interviewing one of our favourite guests ever…Dr Joe Dispenza! During the Progressive Workshop in Amsterdam, Liz and Loz squeezed in a sneaky interview with this genius! We discuss his own healing process after smashing his vertebrae in a life changing accident, and his journey since this time. We learn about his education journey and his “Why” in everything he does. Joe’s science, his knowledge and paradigm is changing lives worldwide; Join us as we learn more about this trailblazer man!

Quote of the podcast – “It all came down to me!” Dr Joe Dispenza

“The body becomes the vehicle to express the soul” Dr Joe Dispenza (Couldn’t help but add the second quote of the podcast!)

Dr Joe’s website leading to his seminars, books, and other products

What The Bleep Do We Know – The life changing movie where Dr Joe features on many years ago

Dr Joe Dispenza often can be seen speaking at Chiro Europe Seminar Check out the Chiro Europe website Dr Joe is also running a Chiropractic special Seminar at the end of his progressive course in Barcelona in November 2016. Check out the Chiro Europe Website for more information.



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