Guy Riekeman | We Are Our Nervous Systems!

FLASHBACK TIME!!!! Liz and Loz invite you back to 2015 where we had the honour of Dr Guy Riekeman during a Scottish dance at the Edinburgh Lectures. This podcast is one of our hands down favourites as we make some important distinctions; What is the mechanistic philosophy and how does that effect our health and wellbeing? What is the vitalistic philosophy and how does this effect our role as chiropractors? Dr Riekeman is a fantastic communicator and utilises very clear examples and tools allowing us to branch out and think about the bigger picture of life!

While we are on holidays in Australia, we encourage you to take the time, and revisit this incredible resource of information.



Guy F Riekeman DC Facebook Fanpage

Follow the link to find out more about Dr Guy’s role at Life University

To find out more about Life University Rome, follow this link

To contact Dr Guy; Follow to find his email


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