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Erin Hawken | LiveLoveLife Chiropractic

Join Liz and Loz as we interview one of the most influential mentors of our careers, Dr Erin Hawken. Erin, an Australian chiropractor, talks us through her journey beginning from life as an uncertain new grad, all the way through to a very successful vitalistic chiropractor. Erin’s journey takes us from her university days, to early days in practice, through to her experiences in Europe, and finally her return to Australia.¬†Erin’s passion, honesty, determination, and ethics are incredibly inspiring; this podcast is a MUST listen to by all chiropractors.

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Jonathan Verderame: 75 TIC Principles

Liz and Loz discover that there are intact 75 CHIROPRATIC PRINCIPLES!!! How is this possible?? Recently in Oslo, we had the honour of interviewing author and TOR Jonathan Verderame who explains to us the reality behind the history of our guidelines!

Author of Straight Chiropractic Textbook, Second Edition 2013, as spoken about in this JustTIC Podcast with Liz and Loz

Jonathan is apart of The Institute for Human Potential: A 360 Degree Clinic



Sunitha Athisdam: What’s in a Spine

To celebrate World Spine Day on October 16, 2014 Liz and Loz discover why chiropractors move bones and joints, especially those of the skull and spine. Sunitha Athisdam enlightens us with her views based on her experience with Carrick and vitalism.




Martin Harvey: The Science of Chiropractic

Join Liz and Loz as we delve into the depths of the Science branch of ChiropracTIC. Martin Harvey of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation discusses the relationship between the Science and Philosophy branches of Chiropractic. He also tells us about the measured scientific effects of an adjustment – did you know that one adjustment has the effect of three weeks of sports training…Listen to discover more!!!