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Sarah Farrant |”The Health Illusion”

Sarah Farrant photo 1

Sarah and her beautiful family in NZ

Dr Sarah Farrant completely rocked our chiropractic worlds 3 years ago when she spoke at The Edinburgh Lectures covering topics such as chiropractic paradigms and defining the latin meaning of each of the terms that we use in daily practice. I remember vividly, the following weeks in practice, Liz and I practising our “new tongue”, being consciously aware of each word that used while speaking to our practice members. “Symptoms” became “Health expressions,” for example.

Recently, Liz and I had the honour of speaking with Sarah again, and years on, she has taken us further down the rabbit hole! We discuss realms such as each person creating their own subluxations, for the purpose of evolving each of us individually and collectively as a species.

Sarah’s passion for philosophy and for empowering people is clearly evident throughout this podcast; We hope that you find her as contagiously inspiring as we do!

Follow to find Vital Mums, soon to be “Vital Families!” We are very excited about Sarah’s new platform that is yet to be released! We are looking forward to hear more in the future!

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Guy Riekeman | We Are Our Nervous Systems!

FLASHBACK TIME!!!! Liz and Loz invite you back to 2015 where we had the honour of Dr Guy Riekeman during a Scottish dance at the Edinburgh Lectures. This podcast is one of our hands down favourites as we make some important distinctions; What is the mechanistic philosophy and how does that effect our health and wellbeing? What is the vitalistic philosophy and how does this effect our role as chiropractors? Dr Riekeman is a fantastic communicator and utilises very clear examples and tools allowing us to branch out and think about the bigger picture of life!

While we are on holidays in Australia, we encourage you to take the time, and revisit this incredible resource of information.



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Peter Kevorkian | The Expression of the Philosophy

After the excitement of interviewing Dr Patti Giuliano, Liz and Loz could not wait to interview Dr Peter Kevorkian. Peter has come across both Liz and Loz’s circles of influence over the previous few years, and both were very impressed by the philosophy that seems to radiate from every pore of Peter’s being. Today, Peter shares with us a piece of his world. He gives us a taste of his practice, and how the expression of his philosophy floods into every aspect of his private and professional life. Join us, as we relive this gem of a podcast:)

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Dr Peter being spoilt with kisses
Dr Peter and his wife Dr Patti
Dr Peter presenting at the ICPA Summit

Vismai Schonfelder | Your systems, your Culture

Liz and Loz catch up with one of their greatest mentors, Vismai Schonfelder, when he visits  Amsterdam. Vismai lets us in on one of his greatest secrets; how he used systems in his practice to not only create ease and flow but also create a culture. Because of this his practice maintained a steady growth resulting in a lot of loyal and happy people.

We look forward to finding out more about these systems at ChiroEurope Malaga in 2017!


Simon Senzon on Innate Intelligence and Consciousness

Liz and Loz interview the master of Chiropractic history and philosophy, Simon Senzon. Simon is extremely well versed in the evolution of consciousness and integral theory. We ask him to explain the difference between Universal and Innate Intelligence. We were blown away with the wealth of information Simon shared with us!

simonsimon senzonBJ Book


You can find more about Simon at:

The Institute Chiropractic – http://www.institutechiro.com



Carey Sigafoose: Committed to ChiropracTIC

Join Liz and Loz as the interview (and get interviewed by!) Carey Sigafoose!

Carey is the son of the legendary Chiropractor, James Sigafoose. Not only do we get a crash course in why James Sigafoose was considered ahead of his time but we also hear from Carey what he has learned about his father and what it means to be a great Chiropractor!

Carey has been on a special life journey of his own and is now back to practicing Chiropractic as well as making the audios that his father recorded available to the public via his podcast SIG talks. Not only does he share the story of his turbulent past but also how he changed and got to where he is now, truly inspirational!

Sig Talks



Stew Bittman; The Head to the Heart

While at Chiro Europe, Liz and Loz were inspired to delve to deep levels of conversation interviewing Dr Stew Bittman by the poolside. We philosophise topics such as “Why are we not applying “The Big Idea” into practice even if we understand it?”

“Overcoming fears”

“Problems…Are they actually problems?”

“From scientific chiropractor to vitalistic chiropractor…”

“Can we really make some body part’s longer than others?” – Thanks Dr Brad Glowacki!

Join us as we journey down the rabbit hole…:)


stew-hillary-photo-sm.jpgYou can find Stew via his website…

To join Stew at his amazing life changing workshops…


Peter Morgan; Woodstock Hugging Hippy to MissionTrip Master

New Years Eve, 2016, Loz spent in a Dominican Republic village as apart of one of Peter Morgan’s and Gary Deutchman’s Chiro Fest/Mission trip in both Haiti and the DR! 6 weeks later, back in the comfort of the Western World and Amsterdam HQ, Liz and Loz had the honour of interviewing one of the men behind these world breaking Mission Trips…Dr Peter Morgan! Join us as we hear the “Why” behind running 72 Mission trips, while running a very successful TIC practice in NYC, not to mention speaking at New Beginnings over the previous 15 years!!!! We had ALOT of fun recording this interview, thank you Peter:)

PS. Stay away from the “Double Barrelled Orange Sunshine” pills

Schedule of Upcoming Mission Trips!

Mission Life International Mission Trip FB Information

Info about past work/orphanage

Lay people about orphanage


Dr Ed Osburn, The Chiropractic Philanthropist

Podcasters doing what podcasters to best…Podcasting each other!!!

Liz and Loz interview fellow podcaster, Dr Ed Osburn, the creator of the very successful podcast, The Chiropractic Philanthropist. Talking all things chiropractic, podcasting truths and swiping behind the scene secrets, Liz, Loz and Ed share with us their stories via their unique area of expertise:)


Before we had the honour of interviewing Dr Ed, he interviewed us for his podcast The Chiropractic Philanthropist; Check it out below!


Dr Ed

Liisa Rahkamaa: The Student Animal TOR

Liz and Loz interview their first TOR in training, the fabulous surfer and animal TORLiisa Rahkamaa from Barcelona Chiropractic College. Liisa explains her vision and mission, checking horses to ensure that they are clear and connected. Liisa has a beautiful story to share, and her message is powerful and inspiring. For more information on Liisa and Animal adjusting, please follow the links below;

Jay Komarek Animal

A message from Liisa;

So….if you are interested in joining our mailing list, please send an email to bacc.barcelona@gmail.com or look us up on Facebook, we have now opened up a profile with BACC Barcelona Animal Chiropractic Club. Also, Jay Komarek is coming again to teach us in Barcelona in November and there are still some seats left. Jay has been in practise now for 38 years (both humans and animals!) and he is truly inspirational, I think it is learning directly from the best! If you are interested in joining the seminar, please email to bacc.barcelona@gmail.com Attached the flyer of the seminar for more info and a link to the facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/1578918132380812/

Thank you for listening and maybe see you in November, Liisa

Samuel Floreani: Our Inborn Intelligence

Liz and Loz ask the gruelling questions to Italian/Australian Vitalistic Chiropractor and Game Changer Samuel Floreani. Sam defines what is “Innate Intelligence” as we discuss the “Intelligence” behind “Subluxations,” “Health expressions” “Symptoms and pain” and how this relates to chiropractic. Sam is under friendly fire with the difficult controversial questions from Liz and Loz, and his answers are powerful!

JustTIC Chiropractic

For further information on Samuel Floreani please find him below;


For further information regarding to his life changing upcoming events in Australia please follow the Facebook link below!

Inner Winners Australia – https://www.facebook.com/groups/687753541272835/
Innate Summit – October 2015

Jonathan Verderame: 75 TIC Principles

Liz and Loz discover that there are intact 75 CHIROPRATIC PRINCIPLES!!! How is this possible?? Recently in Oslo, we had the honour of interviewing author and TOR Jonathan Verderame who explains to us the reality behind the history of our guidelines!

Author of Straight Chiropractic Textbook, Second Edition 2013, as spoken about in this JustTIC Podcast with Liz and Loz

Jonathan is apart of The Institute for Human Potential: A 360 Degree Clinic



Jyoti Schonfelder: The Light of a ChiropracTIC Mother

Liz and Loz are honoured to interview the very wise and loving Jyoti Schonfelder. Jyoti is a Dutch TOR who is also a mother, and has developed a profound relationship with her innate and universal intelligence. This has dramatically impacted the birth of her children, her role as a mother, as well as significantly impacting her daily life. Listen away Rockstars as the magical Jyoti shares with us her experiences and her reconnection recommendations; Trust and Awareness:)

For more information on Jyoti, please follow the below links;

Both of the following links are on Facebook
Health is Wealth Bali
Go Kiss The Earth

Jaime Pinillos: The Universal Premise

Join Liz and Loz as they quiz Jaime Pinillos on the timeless premises that dictate the philosophy of today’s ChiropracTIC. Jaime is an expert on the Chiropractic Principles and Philosophy.He discusses how it relates to the Science in the form of his latest research “Giving birth to health.”

To find more information about Jaime Pinillos and the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers Europe hunt him down on Facebook.

You can also find more information at:

Ana Echeveste: What makes a Chiropractor?

Ana Echeveste joins us in Barcelona and shares her Chiropractic story, her first adjustment and when her trust in Chiropractic started.
Ana teaches Thompson Drop and Toggle Recoil Technique at the Barcelona College of Chiropractic. She shares some of her thought processes behind her adjustments and what lies in the making of a Chiropractor.
Be prepared to get shivers down your spine!


Michael Dibley: 360 Degrees

Join Liz and Loz as they discover from Michael Dibley how chiropracTIC connects people to their innate Human Potential. Michael enlightens us with his 360 Degrees impact on Life via the TIC:)

To find more information about, or to contact the Rockstar TOR Michael please follow the below links;